At first glance some of the ingredients in our dog and cat food menu may seem a little different…

We don’t shy away from ingredients just because they sound a little weird or may not appear fashionable. 

If an ingredient can be scientifically proven to have positive impacts on dogs and cats we’ll always look into it during the research and development stage. All the better if it tastes delicious too!

Unlike some other options on the market, there are no cheap sources of protein in our pet food. Some may hide blood meal, feather meal or cheap quality meat and bone meal (MBM) in their feed. Not us – only the best is good enough for your pets. 


Kelp is renowned as a ‘superfood’, praised for the health benefits it can provide both to humans and animals. The source of these benefits lies in kelp’s rich concentration of iodine, iron, calcium and amino acids.

This blend of natural vitamins and minerals improves everything from dental care (by reducing plaque and tartar build-up) to naturally repelling fleas to lessening the likelihood of cancer growth.


The canine and feline diet over the centuries has naturally been a carnivorous one.

A La Carte has always focused on creating pet food that imitates this natural balance – albeit with a concentrated boost. That’s why our food’s primary ingredient is always a source of rich quality protein, which our pet’s stomachs are used to breaking down. 

Lactobac Plus

This is a yeast additive added in small portions that is responsible for adding probiotic bacteria to the food – which in turn helps strengthen your pet’s immune system. The end result is a happy, healthy pet free from unnecessary sickness or pain.