Why A La Carte

The Benefits of our pet food


    Our range has been carefully developed by a highly experienced team of pet nutritionists, veterinary professionals and breeders.


    There’s no wheat, corn or sorghum in our feed. Instead you’ll find meat, rice or veges make up our prime ingredients. 


    Some international brands cost an arm and a leg. You shouldn’t go into debt looking after your furry loved ones, especially if they’re sensitive eaters.


    The range provides a full choice of life cycle formulas for the daily needs of your best buddies, including grain free formulas.


    There’s an overwhelmingly positive response from 100s of breeders that have made the switch to A La Carte.


    There’s produce super-premium and extremely palatable meals for our four-legged best friends. 

Why A La Carte? How about this for a reason? Our dog and cat food is made from only the finest ingredients, it’s healthy and good for your pets, it’s reasonably priced and it will be relished by even the fussiest of eaters. 

Some of the everyday dog food on the market is just your “run of the mill’ food. This is not the case with our premium pet food. We source the finest ingredients and combine them in a way which not only tastes great but also has the nutrients your animals need. We’re proud to offer value too. We’re happy A La Carte is consistently ranked by customers as ‘the greatest quality at the most reasonable price’. For those with sensitive stomachs we have grain-free dry dog food, there’s dog food for skin allergies and gluten-free pet food, and what many call the “best dry puppy food”.

“We have chosen to serve our dogs A La Carte food for more than 5 years. The Lamb & Rice is my favourite because the kibble is a great size for a variety of breeds. I know the dogs love the flavour because it disappears so quickly and I feel confident knowing that I'm providing them with wholesome, nutritious food. It’s also great value, which is important when you're feeding multiple dogs each day.”

Rob & Clare Wellington, Goodwood Kennels 

The family behind the A La Carte are as passionate about creating great meals for animals as a Michelin Star chef would be in a top restaurant. They started in Australia with the aim of making quality food that was accessible to the everyday pet owner. Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength 

They understand that animals, just like humans, sometimes have special needs. That is why they’ve worked hard to lead the way with gluten-free pet food, dog food for skin allergies and grain-free dry dog food.

Photo by Anna Dudkova on Unsplash

“I have two German Shepherds. One was constantly vomiting up her food after eating and the other was pulling all his fur out and scratching to the point of bleeding. I asked for advice and was told to try them on a sensitive food diet. Both dogs really enjoyed the change. I couldn't believe that within two weeks of being on this new food Sassy has stopped vomiting and Sonny has stopped pulling his fur out – within a month it had grown back and his coat is looking really great. The difference in changing their food has been remarkable.”

Lyn Haywood, Dunedin

Ever since A La Carte began the company has placed a massive emphasis on collaborating with experts to ensure the end-product is the healthiest, most nutritious pet food available. Working alongside nutritionists and vets they’ve ensured the pet food provides all the right goodness to keep animals fit and healthy. 

We are always looking to extend our range as well as produce more foods aimed at pets with special dietary requirements. If you would like any more information, our friendly and helpful team will be on hand to assist you.

“Keesstars Kennels have been using A La Carte food for many years. We have different breeds of dogs which means requiring different food. After trying many supposedly top brands we found our dogs were not getting the benefit these foods advertised (i.e. coats and condition). So we started looking into a food that would do what it stated.

After obtaining a puppy in top condition from Australia we asked the breeder what it had been bought up on. They informed us all their dogs and pups were raised on A La Carte. Once we found out it was available here in NZ we made the change. It was the best decision we have made for our dogs.

Over the years we’ve had great success with A La Carte with our show dogs and puppies. Even our old dogs are showing the benefits from using this food. We recommend A La Carte to any dog owner for the best your pet can get at a reasonable price.”

Glenda & Graeme Kees, Keesstars Kennels