Lyn Haywood

“I am writing in regards to my two German Shepherds, one of them was constantly vomiting up her food after eating and the other was pulling all his fur out and scratching to the point of bleeding, I asked for advice and was told to try them on a sensitive food diet.

I contacted Sharni who kindly packaged up a box of samples and sent them down to me to try and distribute throughout the Dunedin Bird Club members, after reading thru the pamphlet I tried both my dogs on the Salmon and Potato to which they really enjoyed, so I bought an 18.5kg bag to try them on.

Both dogs really enjoyed the change, and I couldn't believe that within 2 weeks of them being on this new food that Sassy has stopped vomiting and Sonny has stopped pulling his fur out, within the first month Sonny's fur had grown back and his coat is looking really great, I have today ordered another 2 x 18.5kg bags and will continue to keep both my dogs on this food, I just wanted you guys to know the difference in changing their food has been remarkable.”

Rob & Clare - Wellington

I wish I did need some more pet food but we're here all alone in an eerily quiet facility. I'm not going to pretend that the break isn't very welcome physically though, I was truly ready for a full rest. My full rest has made me a little slow to respond to emails so am I too late with my testimonial? I hope not. I'll send it anyway as it's quick: 

We have chosen to serve our dogs A La Carte food for more than 5 years. The Lamb & Rice is my favourite because the kibble is a great size for a variety of breeds. I know the dogs love the flavour because it disappears so quickly, and I feel confident knowing that I'm providing them with wholesome, nutritious food. Given all of that, the brand is also great value, important when you're feeding multiple dogs each day.

Buying our dry dog food from Topflite is a friendly experience and wonderfully easy! Ordering is straightforward, delivery is well-communicated and prompt, and we appreciate the personal interaction from the staff at different times.

Patricia Munro

I am delighted to provide a testimonial about A La Carte dry food. I have been using the lamb and rice mainly as I have golden retrievers of various ages and I am able to feed this to old ones and also when I am weaning pups. I have friends whose dogs have skin issues and they seem to do well on the salmon and potato.

My current dogs all have beautiful shiny coats and are very healthy. I have been using the product for a number of years now and would recommend it to anyone who is wanting an excellent well priced food for their dog.

Glenda & Graeme Kees – KEESTARS KENNELS

Keesstars Kennels have been using A LA CARTE dog food for many years. We have different breeds of dogs which meant having to have different food.

After trying many "supposedly" top brands on the market and finding our dogs were not getting the benefit that was advertised in regards to these foods e.g. coats and condition. We found our dogs were not holding their condition as they should have been and the coats were dull. We started looking into a food that would do what it stated.

After obtaining a puppy from Australia we asked the breeder what it had been bought up on as this pup was in top condition. They informed us all their dogs and pups were raised on A LA CARTE ALL STAGES. Once we found out it was available in New Zealand we made the change. ITS THE BEST DECISION WE HAVE MADE FOR OUR DOGS:

We have had our pups and dogs mainly on A LA CARTE ALL STAGES but also have used the Grain Free formulas for certain dogs. Over the years we have had great success with A LA CARTE both with our show dogs and puppies even our old dogs are showing the benefits from using this food which does exactly as it states.

And an extra bonus is the fact the staff in Oamaru that does our orders are fabulous, very helpful and friendly.  We recommend A LA CARTE to any dog owner for the best your pet can get at a reasonable price.

Main Photo by Michael Oxendine